Today’s Verse, 2 Samuel 2:6

Monday, August 7, 2017

May the Lord now show you kindness and faithfulness, and I too will show you the same favor because you have done this.

2 Samuel 2:6

Reflections on Today’s Verse

King Saul and his son Jonathan are dead (along with two of Saul’s other sons), Israel has just lost a major battle against the Philistines, and the great question that remains is, “What does David do now?” He has graciously and tenderly mourned the deaths of Saul and Jonathan, but where does the road, which God has appointed for David, lead now?

This is the question, which David must logically address. Rather than make any rash presumptions of his own like he did with Abigail, he heads to the perfect place for his answer.

David, who has learned much about the sovereignty of God at this point (throughout the course of his life and his recent experience with many difficult trials), seeks the answer on his knees before God. Almost like the levels in a video game, David comes to level that we will call “trusting in God” and simply asks,
“LORD, is it Your will that I should go up to any part of Judah? Should I leave the land of the Philistines and head back into the land of my people at all at this point, or would you have me remain here for an unknown period of time?”

Young Christian, this is a statement of humility and trust! David could have said, “LORD, I have done nothing wrong and look at where you have led me. LORD, isn’t it time for me even now to go back to my homeland and become king?”

But notice that David’s words are precious and they express the heart of a humble and willing servant, who is face down at the feet of his master, saying, “LORD, I only want to do Your will, not mine! I belong to You. And I don’t want to take so much as one step; I don’t want to breathe a drop of air in the wrong direction, in any direction, which is contrary to Your will!”

David didn’t think of himself more highly than he should have. He didn’t think no one was greater than he was. Rather, he recognized his own faults and his desperate need of God’s ongoing direction and guidance. Even with a clear promise of God to drive and motivate him, David dared not speed ahead of
God’s providence and plan. So, he sought God’s direction the whole way to becoming the king of Israel.

Are you happy to wait on God, or anxious to go ahead of His plans for you?

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Today’s Prayer

Father, from the resentments we collected this week, free us; and in response to the disappointments we experienced, center us. When there was great fighting between the house of Saul and the house of David, peace eventually prevailed. Lord, you know I have offended people in my path this week. Help me to seek reconciliation if needed. Show me my offenses. Let there be no wicked ways in me. We desire that to be true. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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The Reflections, Prayer and Video on Today's Verse are written and recorded by senior pastor Darin Smith.

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