Today’s Verse, Psalm 139:7

Monday, May 22, 2017

Where can I go from your Spirit? Where can I flee from your presence?

Psalm 139:7

Reflections on Today’s Verse

These are two Gospel-laced, glorious rhetorical questions. If, for you, belief requires “a leap of faith,” you are not yet near God. In his presence, there is no gap to leap over.

The presence of God should always lead to an acute awareness of God’s greatness and an intimate awareness of our desperate need for him.Remember, Aaron’s burnt incense was for protection from God’s presence (Lev. 16:13). Christ is our burnt incense safely that brings us into God’s presence (Ephesians 5).

God knows everything. So why not run to him and tell him all the things that he already knows? Through the gospel we run from God’s righteousness to his righteousness–in Christ!

Let’s begin now to pray for God’s felt presence this Sunday morning. He will hear and answer. And remember those in chains for the Gospel. They are our brothers and sisters. How can we not care? They need God’s presence above all!

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Today’s Prayer

Father, thank you that you are not a disinterested Father. You will not allow your children to run the streets of this world unattended or undisciplined. Thank you, Lord, that when feelings run from devastation to fear, we still have cause for hope–because there is no where we can go that you are not. Our hope doesn’t rest on what we feel but on what you have done in Christ. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

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The Reflections, Prayer and Video on Today's Verse are written and recorded by senior pastor Darin Smith.

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